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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Young American Plan® Right For Your Children?

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Young American Plan®

Q. Do parents really need life insurance for their children, even if they are still young?
A. Yes. A serious illness or accident could make life insurance very expensive, even unavailable, for children when they are adults.
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Q. What kind of insurance is the Young American Plan®?
A. The Young American Plan® is a whole life insurance policy and is available for children ages 0-25. The policy is good for a lifetime, regardless of future health, military service or hazardous occupation.
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Q. What happens to the child's coverage at age 25?
A. Absolutely nothing! Coverage continues and the premium payments remain the same!
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Q. Can the coverage amount be increased?
A. Yes! After the first premium notice the policyholder is given the opportunity to increase the face amount by $5,000. Plus from time to time you may be given the opportunity to increase the coverage amount of the policy by $5,000 - providing additional protection against inflation.
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Q. Once the Young American Plan® is issued, and the premiums are paid on time, can the policy ever be canceled, for any reason?
A. No. The policy can never be canceled for any reason other than failure to pay the premiums
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Q. Can a grandparent apply for the Young American Plan® for their grandchildren?
A. Absolutely. A child's parent, grandparent or legal guardian can be the policyholder.
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Q. It only costs $1* to start what happens after that?
A. After the introductory period, the monthly rate is based upon the child's age. This rate is then locked in for life. It will not increase because of changes in age, health or occupation.
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Q. How much paperwork will I have to fill out to apply for coverage?
A. There is a short application with a few yes or no health questions. Everything is handled online and through the mail.
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* Rates after the first month can be found during the full rate quote process

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